Enzymatic synthesis of acylpeptides containing p-nitroanilides of basic amino acids

T. L. Voyushina, E. Yu. Terent'eva, V. F. Pozdnev, A. V. Gaida, M. Yu. Gololobov, L.A. Lyublinskaya, V.M. Stepanov

All-Union Institute for Genetics and Selection of Industrial Microorganisms, Moscow

Abstract: A method is suggested for synthesis of acylpeptides, containing arginine or lysine p-nitroanilides at the C-terminus, via the acyl transfer reaction catalized by the Bacillus subtilis serine proteinase. Acyldi- and acyltripeptide ethers with L- and D-amino acids were used as the carboxyl component taken in a twofold excess. When the concentration of dimethylformamide increases, the hydrolysis of the initial ether and the reaction product diminishes. Because of the enzyme inactivation by dimethylformamide the latter's optimal concentration is 7080%.

Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry 1991, 17 (8):1066-1073

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