Protection of susceptible animals by the linear polymer of a synthetic foot-and-mouth disease virus peptide

A. V. Pavlov, S. S. Rybakov, V. N. Ivanyushchenkov, A. V. Chepurkin, V. N. Petrov, N. N. Dryagalin, A. N. Burdov

All-Union Research Foot-and-Mouth Disease Institute, Vladimir

Abstract: Linear polj'mer of a peptide corresponding to the fragment 142155 of the foot-and-mouth disease virus A22550 protein (VP1) was synthesized. Whereas the monomeric peptide was only slightly immunogenic. the polymer induced virus-neutralizing antibodies in rabbits and protected 100% guinea pigs. Sheep vaccinated once and cattle vaccinated twice were stable against infection with the homologous virulent foot-and-mouth disease virus.

Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry 1991, 17 (7):953-963

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