Enzymatic synthesis of (β-1,6; 1,3-glucooligosaccha-rides by means of endo-β-1,3-glucanase transglycosilation of gentiooligosaccharides

L. A. Elyakova, V. V. Isakov

Pacific Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Far East Division, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Vladivostok

Abstract: Mixed (β-1,6:1,3-glucooligosaccharides| (d.p. 78 or 56) were obtained with 15% yield by enzymatic transglycosylation of endo-β-1,3-glucanases from marine mollusks, which transfer β-1,3-bound glucose residues from donors (laminarioligosaccharides) to β-1,6-gentiotetraose as an acceptor. The structures of the formed compounds such as:

G3G3G       or           G
6                        6
G3G                      G
6                        6
G                        G3G3G
6                        6
G                        G

were proved by 1H and 13C-NMR spectroscopy by the appearance of 1,3,6-bound glucose units in the reaction products. This method is suggested as a new, prompt and one-stage way of synthesis of β-1,6;1,3-glucooligosaccharides, possible inductors of phytoimmunity.

Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry 1991, 17 (6):860-863

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