Polyphotobiotin, a new reagent for introducing biotin in nucleic acid

M. M. Shemyakin Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Moscow; Scientific Centre of Molecule Diagnostics, Health Ministry of the USSR, Moscow

M. F. Turchinsky, S. N. Shcherbo, V. D. Knorre, T. B. Kolesnik, U. V. Aleynik

Abstract: A new reagent, polyphotobiotin (PPhB), for labelling DNA probes has been obtained using low molecule oligoethylenimine (M 600 Da). Photoreactive group of PPhB is 4-azido-salicylic acid. The procedure is simple and quick, the reaction time being about 20 min. PPhB-labelled DNA has the same efficiency in the hybridization analysis as DNA labelled with Bio-4-dUTP via PCR.

Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry 1991, 17 (6):813-818

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