Synthetic carriers and adjuvants increase immunogenicity of the synthetic peptide, B-epitope from cs-protein of Plasmodium falciparum

B. B. Ivanov, E. A. Meshcheryakova, T. M. Andronova, V. T. Ivanov

M. M. Shemyakin Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Moscow

Abstract: In order to increase immunogenicity of the peptide (NANP)3, we have prepared a large set of fully synthetic constructions based on the peptide, glycopeptide adjuvant GMDP and some synthetic carriers. Immunogenicity of these constructions was tested on mice (line C57B1/6) responding to the peptide polymer (NANP)40 without carrier and on mice (line BALB/c) not responding to this antigen. Immunogenic constructions based on synthetic polytuftsin induced as high titers of anti-(NANP)3 antibodies as the standard conjugate KLH—(NANP)3. The chimeric peptide consisting of (NANP)3 and tuftsin dimer induced anti-(NANP)3 antibodies in both lines of mice as well. The GMDP covalent attachment to the immunogenic constructions increased the antipeptide antibodies titer. The results are discussed in terms of an approach to synthetic vaccines.

Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry 1991, 17 (6):732-746

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