Synthesis of 1,2-trans-glycosyl thiocyanates from 1,2-anhydro sugars

N. K. Kochetkov, N. N. Malysheva, A. V. Demchenko, N. G. Kolotyrkina, E. M. Klimov

N. D. Zelinsky Imtitu'e of Organic Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of ihe USSR, Moscow

Abstract: Alternative route is developed to the synthesis of nonparticipating sugar 1-thiocya-nates, including cleavage of the oxirane cycle of 1,2-anhydrosugars by means of ammonium thiocyanate followed by substitution at C-2 with a nonparticipating (O-benzyl, O-methyl, or O-trichloroacetyl) group.

Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry 1991, 17 (12):1655-1659

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