Construction of pFH set of plasmids and estimation of their stability

N. K. Danilyuk, O. I. Serpinski, A. N. Sinyakov

All-Union Institute of Molecular Biology, Kol'tsovo, Novosibirsk Region

Abstract: By cloning synthetic oligonucleotides into pUC18 plasmid, pFH123 pFH127 plasmids have been constructed. Their polylinker area, along with sites of widely used restriction endonuuloases, contains two pairs each of FokI and HgaI sites in the opposite orientation to provide subfragment with unique predetermined 5'-ends. Comparative stability of the new plasmids and their derivatives has been studied and compared with that of the earlier constructed pMB plasmids.

Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry 1991, 17 (1):81-87

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