Rye photosystem II: Cloning and sequencing fragments of chloroplast DNA comprising psbA gene coding for D1 protein

V. L. Kolosov, A. S. Zolotarev

M.M. Shemyakin Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Moscow

Abstract: EcoR1 and BamHI fragments of rye chloroplast DNA comprising psbA gene were cloned and a 2729 bp region was sequenced. Cloning of EcoRl fragment into pTZ19K plasmid led to a single nucleotide deletion in the coding region of psbA gene. A scheme of full-length psbA gene cloning is proposed, allowing one to escape the damage effect of the psbA gene expression product on the host cell. The differences between monocot and dicot in nucleotide sequences of DNA downstream of psbA genes are discussed. Gene rps!9 is located 131 bp downstream from psbA gene on the complementary strand. The amino acid sequences of D1 and S19 proteins of different species are compared.

Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry 1990, 16 (8):1060-1068

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