X-ray study of the pea lectin-carbohydrate complex at 2.4 Å resolution. I. Atomic model

Yu. D. Lobsanov, V. Z. Pletnev, N. N. Vtyurin, M. Yu. Lubnin, M. A. Mokulskii, A. G. Urzhumtsev, V. Yu. Lunin, T. B. Luzyanina

Institute of Molecular Genetics, Academy of Sciences of the USSR; Moscow; Research Computing Centre, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Pushchino, Moscow Region

Abstract: Three-dimensional structure of the pea lectin-carbohydrate complex has been determined at the atomic level. The dimeric molecule consists of identical monomers. The important feature of each monomer is a well-developed p-structure consisting of two basic antiparallel p-sheets (a flat 6-stranded and a curved 7-stranded) and an additional non-ideal 5-stranded antiparallel p-sheet. The orientation of the third sheet is normal to the flat one and parallel to the peripheral part of the curved one. Such an arrangement of P-sheets in supersecond structure allows for the effective covering of the interior hyd-rophobic core, which is formed by the side chains of 56 anaino acid residues per monomer. The structure of the dimeric molecule is stabilized by a number of intermonomer hydrogen bonds and salt bridges.

Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry 1990, 16 (12):1589-1598

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