Synthesis of heptadecapeptide (143159), a fragment of VP1 protein of A12 foot-and-mouth disease virus. II. Condensation of fragments

Sh. Kh. Khalikov, A. N. Shahmatov, M. I. Ismailov

V. I. Lenin Tajik State University, Dushanbe

Abstract: A 17-membered peptide corresponding to the amino acid sequence of (143159) site of protein VP1 of A12 foot-and-mouth disease virus has been obtained by mixed anhydride method condensations of the earlier synthesized fragments. A norleucine residue has been attached, as a label, to the ends of peptides obtained. The complete depro-tection was performed by hydrogenation peptides' hydrochlorides and the products were purified by HPLC. The antigenic properties of the synthesized peptides are discussed.

Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry 1990, 16 (11):1488-1499

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