Positively Charged Acyl Derivatives of Carbohydrates as Promising Transfection Agents

M. A. Maslov1 #, Z. Ya. Al Shoaibi1, T. V. Andryushina1, N. G. Morozova1 and G. A. Serebrennikova1

#Phone: (495) 936-89-03, e-mail: httos.mitht@g23.relcom.ru

1 Lomonosov State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology, pr. Vernadskogo 86, Moscow, 119571, Russia

Received: September 13, 2006;  in final form: January 30,  2007

Abstract.  A convenient approach to the synthesis of mono-and polycationic glycolipid amphiphiles is suggested. The compounds obtained can be used for studying the structure-activity relationship and determination of the effect of hydrophobic and cationic domains on the transfection efficiency.

Key words:  cationic liposomes; genetic therapy ;lipidstransfection

Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry 2007, 33(5): 499-504