Enzyme Immunoassay of (24 R )-Brassinosteroids

V. A. Khripach1 #, O. V. Sviridov1, A. G. Pryadko1, R. P. Litvinovskaya1, S. V. Drach1, V. D. Matveentsev1, T. V. Novik1, K. I. Mikhailopulo1, V. N. Zhabinskii1, M. I. Zavadskaya1, M. A. Aver’kova1, O. A. Drachenova1 and N. M. Chashchina1

#Phone: +375 172 678 647; e-mail: khripach@iboch.bas-net.by

1Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, ul. Kuprevicha 5/2, Minsk, 220141, Belarus

Received: August, 30  2006;  in final form: December, 1  2006

Abstract.  Brassinosteroids are a new group of phytohormones that are widely distributed in plants and play an important role in the processes of plant growth and development. Physiological concentrations of brassinosteroids in plants are extremely low, and their analysis in organs and tissues is very difficult. This study is devoted to the chemical aspects of elaboration and to bioanalytical parameters of an immunoenzymatic system for quantitative determination of the phytohormones 24-epicastasterone and 24-epibrassinolide.

Key words:  bovine serum albumin, brassinosteroids, enzyme immunoassay, haptens, horseradish peroxidase, phytohormones

Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry 2007, 33 (3): 347-353