Formylation of Metallocomplexes of Tetra-Meso-(Para- and Meta-Methoxyphenyl)Porphyrins

V. D. Rumyantseva1, S. V. Tsukanov1 and A. F. Mironov1 #

#Phone/fax: (495) 936-89-01; e-mail:

1Lomonsov State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology, pr. Vernadskogo 86, Moscow, 119571, Russia

Received: 12 April 2006; in final form: April 26, 2006

Abstract.  The Vilsmeier formylation of metallocomplexes of isomeric meta- and para-methoxy-substituted tetraphenylporphyrines has was been studied. Formyl derivatives of meta-isomers were shown to form cyclization products not only in solutions, but also in the the solid state. The ability to undergo such transformations follows decreases in the trend following order: Co > Cu > Ni > Pd > Pt.

Key words:  gB-formyl-tetra-meso-(para- and meta-methoxyphenyl)porphyrinesmetallocomplexesintramolecular cyclization

Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry 2007, 33 (2): 263-267