Biochemical Studies

Inhibition of Neutrophil Adhesion by Pectic Galacturonans

S.V.Popov1, R.G.Ovodova1, G.Yu.Popova1, I.R.Nikitina1 and Yu.S.Ovodov1#

#Phone/fax: (8212) 24-10-01; e-mail:

1Institute of Physiology, Komi Science Center, Ural Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, ul. Pervomaiskaya 50, Syktyvkar, 167982, Russia

Received:May15, 2006; in final form: May29,2006

Abstract. The inhibition of the adhesion of neutrophils to fibronectin by the fragments of the main galacturonan chain of the following pectins was demonstrated: comaruman from the marsh cinquefoil Comarum polustre, bergenan from the Siberian tea Bergenia crassifolia), lemnan from the duckweed Lemna minor), zosteran from the eelgrass Zostera marina), and citrus pectin. The parent pectins, except for comaruman, did not affect the cell adhesion. Galacturonans prepared from the starting pectins by acidic hydrolysis were shown to reduce the neutrophil adhesion stimulated by phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate (1.625 μM) and dithiothreitol (0.5 mM) at a concentration of 50200 μg/ml. The presence of carbohydrate chains with molecular masses higher than 300, from 100 to 300, and from 50 to 100 kDa in the galacturonan fractions was proved by membrane ultrafiltration.

Key words: alacturonan, ibronectin,neutrophil adhesion,pectins

Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry 2007, 33 (1): 175-180