Biological Activity and Pharmacological Prospects of Lupane Terpenoids : II. Semisynthetic Lupane Derivatives (Review)

T. G. Tolstikova a , I. V. Sorokina a , G. A. Tolstikov a , A. G. Tolstikov b # , and O. B. Flekhter c

# Fax: +7 (495) 954-2338, e-mail:
a Vorozhtsov Institute of Organic Chemistry, Novosibirsk , Siberian Division, Russian Academy of Sciences, pr. akademika Lavrent'eva 9, Novosibirsk , 630090 Russia
b Institute of Technical Chemistry , Ural Division, Russian Academy of Sciences , ul . Lenina 13a, Perm , 614990 Russia
c Institute of Organic Chemistry, Ufa Scientific Center, Russian Academy of Sciences, pr. Oktyabrya 71, Ufa , 450054 Russia

Received March 11, 2005; in final form, August 18, 2005

Abstract: The discussion of lupane triterpenoids as prospective medicinal preparations is continued, and semisynthetic triterpenoids are being discussed. Acyl derivatives that mainly exhibit high anti-HIV, antitumor, and organoprotective activities are described.

Key words: anti-HIV activity, betulin , betulinic acid, betulonic acid, cytostatic and organoprotective activities

Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry 2006, 32 (3):261-276