The Synthesis of Immunomodulating Peptide Alloferon, the Active Principle of Antiviral Drug Allokine-alpha

M. V. Sidorova a # A. S. Molokoedov a , E. V. Kudryavtseva b , M. I. Baldin b , D. A. Frid b , M. V. Ovchinnikov a , Z. D. Bespalov a , and V. N. Bushuev a

# Phone: +7 (495) 414-6716; e-mail:

a Cardiological Research and Production Association, Federal Agency on Healthcare and Social Development, Tret'ya Cherepkovskaya ul. 15a, Moscow , 1215523 Russia

b ZAO Peptide Synthesis, Moscow

Received July 11, 2005; in final form, July 13, 2005

Abstract: Two variants of the synthesis of tridecapeptide alloferon, the active principle of antiviral preparation allokine-alpha, were developed on the basis of fragment condensation in solution or on the Merrifield resin. The solid phase variant of the synthesis was shown to be more technological; it allows the preparation of the product at a higher total yield (40% vs. 17% for conventional synthesis in solution from the starting derivatives of the C-terminal dipeptide). The by-products formed during the synthesis of alloferon were identified.

Key words: alloferon, peptide synthesis, fragment condensation

Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry 2006, 32 (2):136-145